Bring Life into Your Kitchen with These Color Ideas

Colors can do more than just provide an aesthetic feel for your kitchen; it can change the entire mood of the space. The right shade can turn your kitchen from drab to classy. Using the right color combination can take your room from overwhelming to pleasing to the eyes.

But, the biggest question here is, “What colors do you use for your kitchen?” Choosing the right shades for your kitchen can be frustrating, but knowing which shades work for the space can take away the guesswork for this task.

Here’s a quick guide to make choosing easier if you’re running out of ideas for your kitchen design:

Go for Red

If you ask kitchen companies in Dubai, you’ll find most of them recommending the color red because of its versatility. This color represents love and passion, but it’s also great for stimulating the appetite. You can either use it as an accent color or as your main hue for walls, flooring, and cabinetry. This color is quick to catch the attention, so it’s important to plan how you’ll use this shade and how it will work with the other colors in your space.

Give Your Room a Dab of Gray

Unlike red, gray provides your space with an austere and neutral feel. Gray looks best when paired with materials that emit the feeling of warmth, such as wood. It can also provide contrast to bold colors such as orange and yellow. Some kitchen designers recommend using this color with blue to complement this neutral shade. If you want to highlight your blue kitchen cabinets in Dubai, this color is the best option.

Choose the Natural Appeal of Green

Bright green gives off an energetic vibe, making it the perfect option to match all the activities going on in the kitchen. More than that, it stimulates appetite — think of all the green vegetables that you love to eat. Shades of green are great for livening up a vintage kitchen, as they complement old-world, classic designs. Green also makes a great contrast to warm wood flooring, making your room look vibrant.

Brighten Up Your Kitchen with Yellow

If you have a small kitchen, you can never go wrong with yellow. This color is commonly associated with sunshine, and is known to give off a cheery vibe. Yellow is perfect for highlighting your cabinets and walls. This shade is also a great match for gray and white accents.

Your color choice can make a big difference to the entire mood and look of your kitchen. By knowing which shade to apply, you can turn your kitchen into a warm and welcoming space.