4 Office Space Design Trends for 2017

The current year is about to end and 2017 is fast approaching. It’s time again for new things, and people are looking for renovation ideas for their home and office. With offices of varying industries taking care of employees spanning generations, it’s essential to keep everyone involved and connected especially in the workplace.

If you’re planning to renovate your office for the coming year, here are four office design trends that can work for you and your business.


office furnitureFlexible working environments are critical for space and money savers. outdoor furniture uae and Smart office furniture that can be used for multiple purposes are still in. Modular furniture, interchangeable pieces, and technological advancements in simple office furniture will promote innovation, boost your company’s morale, and drive revenue along the way. Millennials in particular will favor this type of an office. With younger employees coming into your company in the coming years, it’s beneficial to keep them engaged even through simple yet flexible office furniture.


In connection to flexibility, collaboration is also a buzzword for 2017 in office furniture and design. After all, more people prefer open communication, and that’s hard to achieve in conventional cubicles where you cannot even make eye contact with a teammate throughout the day. Collaborative spaces are conducive for efficient work, after all. Without walls, your employees can better brainstorm ideas, interact with colleagues, and be more productive members of your company.

Second Home

Designing your office as a second home for your employees can be a big risk. Not everyone can be disciplined enough to take care of at least his or her own space. Still, comfort and convenience is key in keeping a trendy office space. Ask decent office furniture suppliers in Dubai and they will also recommend bean bags and couches in the breakout areas instead of the usual stiff, formal desks and chairs. Your employees are stressed enough as they are, so taking extra effort in ensuring their relaxation is also going to be beneficial to you in the long run.


While flexibility, collaboration, and a homey vibe are perfect for the modern office space, it’s still wise to keep everything sustainable and green. After all, you’re supposed to be leaving a better world to your children, and what clean air would they breathe if you’re not doing your part to save the environment? Go paperless in your transactions, encourage your employees to keep indoor plants, and consider open-air spaces to cut your air conditioning expenses and carbon footprint.

Keeping up with these design trends may be expensive at first, but, like most wise investments, it’s all going to pay off in the long run. Consult your interior designer for tips on how to start your 2017 office project. Visit to Website