What to teach in schools

Schools need some change because world is changing and our needs are changing. There is need to introduce different subjects and courses.  Some of them are:

  • Environmental science : Today, there is need of plants and greenery in our whole world because it is greenery on which our life depends. It gives oxygen and food in the form of leaves and vegetables. Their reduction is creating climatic changes which are causing hurdles and extremities in surroundings. Therefore, we do and we will need environmentalists. That’s why there is need to have a subject they would gardening and planting theoretically and practically. They should be given lessons that how they can use nature to gadgets and technologies which are environmental friendly. In this way, we will get diffuser t ideas and ways to protect earth.
  • Programming: Right now, programming is the most basic which everyone should learn because it will be needed everywhere in future because of rising technology and gadgets which are operated via programming. Thus, to make students self-sufficient, it is good to introduce programming. In this way, they will learn to learn to create different things on their own. This will help them in making computers easy to use for them.
  • Digital literacy: The rising technology and internet has given us two homes: physical home and virtual home. Like physical home, virtual home requires protection. Teachers are required to arrange classes in which they should teach them that what they should post on social media and what should not be shared publicly on Facebook and Instagram in order to teach them that how they should protect themselves.
  • Social issues: There is need to have classes in which social issues will be discussed. There is need to have grounds in which there should be discussions on harassment, abuse, robbery, murder and many others. These issues will make them aware and might bring out solutions of them which are important to get and make otherwise our society will be worsened.
  • First aid: To make students able to take care of themselves, teachers should teach them about first aid. They can take idea from safety course in Dubai or enroll their students in basic life support training Dubai. This will make them able to take care of themselves and of others too.

So, these are few courses and subjects to add in schools and classrooms. They will make children able to adjust themselves with the pace of this world.