4 Studying Mistakes Parents Need To Avoid

A lot of parents struggle on teaching their kids, especially the little ones. Since it is their first time to face school challenges, parents often find themselves at the beck and call of their children. But, teachers in nursery schools in Dubai believe that there are better ways to teach your kids.

If you have a toddler who is soon going to school, be sure to know the right study habits and avoid these mistakes to ensure that your kid is on the right track to learning:

  1. Not being creative


Most parents try to stick to what the textbooks say when they are teaching their kids. But being too bookish might not sit well with your kids, especially if their way of learning is not bookish or traditional. Try to find out your kid’s learning style and find ways to creatively teach them based on their learning style. Being an out-of-the-box parent will encourage your kids to be creative as well.


  1. Forcing them to learn


Some parents try to push their kids to finish their lessons and solve problems without much guidance. But this method might backfire in the long run. Forced learning would only teach the kids to cheat and learn the short cuts. Let them learn on their own pace and let them choose what learning style they are comfortable with. Every kindergarten in Dubai takes into account the learning style of students so they can adjust their curriculum accordingly.

  1. Rewarding them too much


Giving incentives is not bad, but when the system is being abused by kids to gain control over their parents, then this system must be stopped. Rewarding kids for every good deed that they did will backfire as they will keep asking for more or will refuse to do what you instruct them to. In this case, choose your battles. Pick activities that you deemed worthy of giving rewards.


  1. Being a helicopter parent


Most parents do this today; doing everything for their kids – from doing their assignments to being there for them even when the problem is pretty much minor. This kind of parenting will do nothing but teach your kids to be dependent to you. As much as you want to help, restrain yourself and let your kid do their thing. This would teach them to be independent and self-sustained in the long run. Let them make mistakes and learn from it.