Rob is an online course expert. He works as the Social Media and Community Manager at Thinkific. I am a huge fan of Thinkific and feel so honored to have Rob join as a guest.
Corina is the founder of NutsPR. Corina is also a blogger, social media strategist, content marketer, and PR specialist. Corina has been blogging consistently since Jan 2013 and has collaborated with many industry leaders and experts.
Uploaded by Ai Addyson-Zhang on 2018-08-02.
Twitter Moments, Twitter Lists, Twitter analytics on other platforms, Building Relationships with Journalists
Michael is a nationally award-winning educator, speaker, author, and consultant. He speaks at national conferences on journalism and technology integration, and is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google for Education Certified Innovator, and PBS LearningMedia Lead Innovator. Michael has also spoken at SXSWEdu.
Keith is also a contributing author to Social Media Examiner and Harvard Business Review. Keith has just released the second edition of his popular Social Media Strategy book, in which he discusses the latest updates in social media marketing and talks about the strategies and tactics behind organizations' digital marketing efforts.
Dr. Joyce has 1.1 million followers on Twitter and has an incredibly engaging Twitter community.
Kristyna Torres-Cruz, known as PR Kristyna in the digital space, is a social media specialist, speaker, and consultant. Her specialty is helping small businesses and non-profit organizations build engagement by leveraging social media.
Lisa is a Digital Wellness Expert. She is also a social media and PR expert, influencer, author, speaker, and educator. Lisa's new book, Digital Detox Secrets, is about to be released soon.
Facebook Live Interview with Julia McCoy. Julia is the CEO of Express Writers. She is also an amazing podcaster, educator, author, and content marketer! Her success story has been featured by Forbes TWICE! And she has just achieved $120K/month. Wow! What a breakthrough.

Sean Robinson is the creator of Connections-based Learning and the o-founder of Connected Learning Partnerships, a grassroots initiative to bring together educators from around the world to collaborate on global projects. Sean is also a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, and one of the top project-based learning teachers to follow on Twitter, according to The Guardian.

Mark Schaefer is a globally-recognized speaker, author of six bestselling books, and a distinguished educator. Mark is also a business owner and consultant who blogs at "grow," which I highly recommend that you subscribe to. Grow is in the TOP ONE percent of blogs in the entire world.

KisvàrdaiZsuzsanna is an edupreneur, which is a combination of "educator" + "entrepreneur". Zsuzsanna's teaching journey started as early as when she was four years old. Then, she became an English teacher. Now, she is a business owner, an Online Academy Strategist, and an online course creation expert.

Shonali Burke is the founder and CEO of her own consulting company, Shonali Burke Consulting. Shonali is also the founder and host of her own monthly Twitter chat, #MeasurePR.

Lisa L. Flowers is an award-winning copywriter and marketer, and keynote speaker. She has been interviewed by a variety of major media outlets such as CNNMoney, NPR, BBC World Service, CNBC Africa, and many others. She is known for building relationships and ideas using social media.

Alan Heppenstall is young and successful business owner. He is the co-founder of Accredible, an industry-leading credential, and e-learning company.

Brian Fanzo is an international speaker, top social media influencer, podcaster, and founder and CEO of his own company.

We will be discussing community building and content creation. Nicholas Thickett is a Social Media Consultant, a Growth and Revenue Expert, and a Community Building Specialist. Nick is also an educator.

Don Wettrick teaches an Innovation and Open-Source Learning class at Noblesville High School. He's the author of Pure Genius. Don is also the founder and CEO of StartEdUp, where "educators, innovators, and entrepreneurs connect." He also hosts a podcast called StartEdUp. Don speaks internationally on topics related to education and innovation.

Debra Eckerling is a communications specialist, writer, and editor. She is the author of two books, an editor for Social Media Examiner, and the host of Guided Goals Podcast. Debra also works with individuals and small businesses to strategize, set goals and help them develop a clear content identity through books, blogging, and social media.

Kevin Anselmo is the founder of Experimental Communications, a consultancy that offers media and strategic communication training for individuals and groups in Higher Education. Kevin is also the host of two podcasts and an active blogger. Before starting his own company, Kevin served as the director of PR for the business school at Duke University.

Chetachi A. Egwu is an adjunct associate professor at the University of Maryland University College. She is also the co-owner of Conscious Thoughts Media and the owner of Aku/Akwa tees. Chetachi is also a filmmaker, journalist, writer, artist, and liver streamer.

Deirdre Breakenridge is the CEO of Pure Performance Communications. She has been in Communication and Marketing for 25+ years. Deirdre is an award-winning public relations and communications professional, speaker, and educator. She is the author of six books, the co-founder of a Twitter chat (#PRStudChat), and the founder and host of her own Podcast (Women World Wide).

David Holzmer is a Consultant and Executive Adviser for David Holzmer Consulting. He also serves as a Futurist for IBM. He recently completed his Ph.D. in Ethical and Creative Leadership. David is also a live streamer and blogger.

Darren Horne will share with us how he coached his students to take over the police's official Snapchat account of Cumbria Constabulary, UK. And how the Snapchat story/film that his students created gained 110K views, almost 1K shares, and 100 comments within 24 hours after they posted the Snapchat story to Facebook.

Live with Julia McCoy, CEO of Express Writers. Julia McCoy is a best-selling author on online writing skills, a podcaster, a content marketer, and an entrepreneur.

Emily Hayes is a millennial and is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Strategic Communication/Public Relations. Emily has a passion for learning and social media marketing. She also serves as a Marketing intern and a social media consultant for her class project's community organization.

Dr. Becky J. Carmichael is a professor and Science Coordinator at Louisiana State University. She works with faculty to incorporate communication technologies into classes as assignments and teaching tools. Some of the tools she uses include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Wikipedia, podcasts, and science specific software.

Come join Dr. Paige Jarreau, Science Communication Specialist, at Louisiana State University. Dr. Jarreau works with faculty members to integrate communication and digital tools into their curriculum. She is an experienced user of various social media platforms as pedagogical tools. Her speciality is in using Instagram as a teaching and research tool.

Zala Briceli is a digital and social media marketer, working in IT field for a decade. She supports, empowers and helps individuals, companies, and teams to successfully position themselves online, on social media and on the overall digital map.

Jeremy Miller is a successful 18-year-old entrepreneur. He has been Featured in Inc. Magazine, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Mashable, Future Sharks, and much more.

Using Snapchat as a pedagogical tool with professor Michael Britt
Using Facebook as a teaching tool with Leslie Jespersen!
All about social media with Desmond Herbert.
Professor Peter Nez is a writing professor, career consultant, business coach, and an amazing storyteller.
Come join David Kampmann and I to talk about tools and resources in social media education.
Integrating Entrepreneurship into the Traditional Education Curriculum, Empowering students with the necessary tools & resources to solve real-world problems and how educational model transform students' classroom experience into businesses that impact and change lives. Elyse is a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient.
How technology help one educator elevate student learning outcomes; and expand and diversify his professional career. Interview with Dr. Will Deyamport to discuss technology, social media, education, and career development. Dr. Will is a globally recognized educator and education consultant. He is a well-known podcaster, speaker, writer, and blogger.
Chatting with the amazing Chris Strub regarding social media, digital storytelling, and personal branding for students and teachers
Using Snapchat as a pedagogical tool with professor Michael Britt
Dr. Carmichael is a professor and Science Coordinator at Louisiana State University. She works with faculty to incorporate communication technologies into classes as assignments and teaching tools. Some of the tools she uses include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Wikipedia, podcasts, and science specific software.
How Is Social Media Changing Education w Professor Ai Addyson Zhang
Interview with the one and only John Kapos, aka Chocolate Johnny, owner of Perfection Chocolates & Sweets. John is also a speaker. He spoke at last year's #SMMW17 conference, where he gave an awesome talk on live streaming.
Gerard has extensive experience in the industry. He has served in senior marketing and communication roles at Fortune 100 firms for four decades. Gerard is also the past Chair and CEO of Public Relations Society of America, one of the most reputable professional organizations in PR.
Jeremy is a distinguished and award-winning educator, author, innovator and speaker. He has also been a contributing blogger at the Huffington Post since 2012. In our interview, we will discuss entrepreneurship, alternative learning platforms, the future of education, becoming contributing authors at established media outlets, and so much more.
Technological advancement has disrupted, changed, and transformed SO many areas of our lives. Jacqueline is a distinguished educator and education technology coach. She is a proud recipient of over ten professional education certifications including Google certification. Jacqueline is also a speaker and digital storyteller.
Jason is the host of the popular "Get Shit Done" podcast, where he interviews successful people about how they got to where they are. Jason is also the Social Media Manager for HarperCollins Christian Publishing's Bible Department where he manages and creates content for multiple social media accounts.