Transform Your Classroom Teaching

Today's students have changed.

Do you find your students' attention span is getting shorter?

Do you feel frustrated when your students are indifferent to your teaching?

Do you have students who look at you with numbed eyes but smile to their mobile phones or whatever digital devices during class lectures?

Today's students approach the world in a sheer new way than the pre-Internet generation. 

They spend much more time consuming social media and new media content than previous generations.

They speak the language of social media, of emojis, of gifs, and of "lol" or "rofl."

Teaching tools for the 21st century

The old model of learning from authoritative figures has been disrupted to a great extent.

Students want to learn differently and they want to be taught differently.

As educators, we need to embrace today's digital transformation and change how we teach and interact with our students.

We need to put ourselves into the roles of students. 

It's time that educators begin to understand teaching and learning through students' digital eyes.

Discovery the power of social media pedagogy

Social media sites are not simply communication or entertainment channels.

Social media sites are powerful pedagogical tools that can transform your classroom teaching, enhance student learning outcomes, make students be more engaged in learning, and make you, the teacher, more excited about teaching. 


Social media pedagogy is your weapon to elevate your teaching career and to enhance your student engagement with you and the course materials



Hello! My name is Ai Addyson-Zhang, Ph.D.  I am a Social Media Pedagogy consultant. I am here to help you transform your classroom teaching.

Social Media Pedagogy has elevated and transformed my classroom teaching as well as my career as a College professor. I want to help you experience the same transformation that social media pedagogy has brought to my classroom teaching and my professional career.


Benefits of Social media pedagogy

  • Your students are more excited about learning and are more proactive at self-directed learning
  • Your students are getting hired and internships because of the strong personal and professional brands that you have helped them build through effective and strategic use of social media   
  • You are building a learning community that transcends geographic barriers and interlinks education and practice, as well as the broader community
  • Your personal brand as a professor is gaining visibility and recognition. You become more known in your field as an authority in your subject matter. 
  • Your strong personal brand is attracting opportunities for you to speak at conferences and events, to contribute featured and paid,  articles to blogs and major publications, to collaborate on research projects, to be interviewed on podcasts and live shows, and much more. 
  • Your teaching evaluations are improving. 
  • You are gaining more recognition from your school because of the visibility you have created for yourself, your class, your department, your university, and your broader academic and professional community. 
  • And much more ... 

Are you ready to experience such transformations

in your teaching and career?

Get Trained On Social Media Pedagogy