Simple Hacks To Save On Your Kid’s Shoes

your kidsAs parents we try to give the best things to our kids, including their clothing. We buy expensive ensembles and footwear for them to wear. But before we know it, we already spent a fortune on these outfits.


It never hurts to save some pennies. If you are cutting corners with your kids’ outfits, these simple shoe-saving hacks might help you to save a little:


  • Buy durable footwear


Have you ever heard the expression, “Buying cheap is buying expensive.”? This holds true for shoes in general. There are a lot of stores that offer shoes in cheap tag prices. But the thing is, there might be some issues with the quality or the material. So keep in mind that when you are buying kids shoes in Dubai, pay for the quality and durability. These kinds of shoes can go a long way. Imagine, having to buy over and over again to replace your kids low-price shoes. You might be surprised if you do the math.


  • Mind the size allowances


Your kids are growing every day, so is their feet. Some parents usually buy the exact size, especially for their baby’s shoes. In a few months, you need to buy a couple of pairs since the first ones do not fit your kid’s feet anymore.


For baby’s footwear, it would be best to buy shoes that are bigger for their sizes. This would save you from buying baby shoes on a monthly basis. You can make adjustments on the sizes by using socks. Also, you can take a look at adjustable baby shoes in the market today. These type of shoes can cover months’ worth of your kid’s footwear.


  • Save the gifts


During your baby shower, you probably receive dozens of presents that your friends gave you. These presents are usually bought from the section of new born gifts in Dubai shops. But as your kid grows, some of these items are unused. Do not throw them out. It would be best if you can save these gifts for future use.


Just be sure to pack and store them wisely in your baby’s closet. When the time comes that you will be needing these items, you can simply pull them out for storage and wash them thoroughly.


  • Use it often


Some people think that using an item less would preserve its integrity and prolong its lifespan. Quite the opposite, especially with shoes. If not used overtime, the material will deteriorate and will eventually lead to its fall. It would be best to use them appropriately and often than left it to rot in your baby’s closet.


Also, be sure to have an alternate pair that he can use for each occasion. Using one pair of shoes over and over again can lead it is early deterioration as well.