Plus Size Wear – What We Don’t Think About

Have you ever wondered why majority of people only think about becoming slim and smart and don’t want to remain their original self? Though one can argue about the fact that realizing the you are fat and obsessed and not slim and smart can be quite frustrating for people. Well, that’s the question as to why people feel ashamed of being what they are and how they look and instead want to become something they were not to begin with? There are many things to blame here and before moving on to the next step, this one needs to be explained. First of all, we live today in a world that is dominated by trends and fashion. The irony is that most, not all, fashion and trend that comes along with it is dictated by those who want to carve an image of a slim figure person wearing their brand outfit. As one sided as it may sound, it is an irrefutable fact. Due to this reason, people are becoming a little unrealistic as they are eager to wear something that neither suits them nor make them look any better.

For instance, you go to a swimming pool and see many wearing costumes and swimwear that doesn’t fit their figure. The fact is the despite availability, wearing plus size swimwear in Dubai sounds more like an oddity than the truth. Think about it, if you have a plus size, and don’t fit well into that slim looking costume, why is that you still want to wear something that doesn’t fit, and make you look uneasy? That’s where the perception comes as the fashion industry has it, the fashion is slim and smart. This who idea falls upon its face once we realize that more than 60% females in US alone fall in the plus size category.  Here is more on this so stay put and continue reading:

Why Plus Size?

To be frank, the question should’ve been why not as wearing plus size doesn’t make you any less beautiful and attractive. On the contrary, wearing the natural size not only makes you look more pleasant, it also projects a very decent and sober image of your personality. This is something you will not notice about plus size people wearing tight fit slim clothes and pretending themselves to have that size. It sounds and looks quite odd and doesn’t make any sense to begin with.

As for the height, looking big and tall in Dubai is not at all considered as some oddity.