5 Unique Gifts Every Practical Woman Would Appreciate

5 Unique Gifts Every Practical Woman Would AppreciateDear men, practical women know how to value money. They don’t spend without thinking twice (or even thrice).  They rarely buy things they don’t need. If you are aiming to get the attention of a practical woman, check out these unique gifts from one of the gift shops in Dubai. She would surely appreciate them.

  1. Flower Soap Bouquet

We all know women love receiving flowers. However, real flowers don’t last long enough that’s why practical women usually prefer to receive chocolates or something they can use for a longer period of time. The flower soap bouquet would be an excellent choice for a practical woman because it would make her feel special and it smells like real flowers. Plus, it would give her instant one year supply of soap.

  1. Shower Curtains

If shower curtains may not sound romantic and appealing but they could give an “Oh, yes I need that!” moment to a practical woman. She probably hasn’t thought of buying new shower curtains, so she would surely appreciate if you would give her some.

  1. Painting

Guys, a painting is a perfect gift idea if you are romantically attracted to the woman. Why? Well, she would remember you whenever she sees the painting hanged on the wall! Practical women love receiving paintings for their home decoration.

  1. Grass Toys

Grass toys won’t disappoint practical women because many of these women are also into planting. Some even prefer to grow their own fruits and vegetables in their backyard. She would definitely enjoy growing and styling her own grass toy. She can also use the grass toy as a decoration in her office desk, room or apartment.

  1. Photo Frame

Although technology allows us to keep photos on our gadgets, practical women would appreciate photo frames especially if they come with funny throwback photos (plus points for making her laugh). Truly, nothing can replace the sentimental vibe that a photo frame provides.

  1. 3D Card

If you want to be a little romantic, give her a 3D card. Choose a card that matches the message you want to tell her. Practical women are not materialistic. They know how to value simple things, especially if it’s given from the heart.


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