The Basics of Doing Your Laundry

The Basics of Doing Your LaundryThe general rule when doing your laundry is to separate the whites, light colors, and dark colors to prevent color bleeding. So, before you take your clothes to a laundry service in Dubai Marina, try and sort everything first. Make sure that you zip up the zippers to prevent them from damaging other clothes, especially those made from delicate fabrics. Button up shirts and blouses to keep the buttons from getting caught and torn.


Another step is to check the laundry label or care label of your clothes to know the proper and ideal washing methods for your garments. For example, check if you can use bleach, if these can be put in the dryer, or if they can be dry cleaned, etc. Though professionals offering laundry in Silicon Oasis know about this, it’s still best that you know how to take good care of your clothes.


General guidelines:

  • Intimate wear – Thought it is best to hand wash lingerie and underwear, sometimes time constraints leave you no choice but to machine wash them. Before you place them in the machine, make sure that the care label allows this. Place them in laundry nets and bags to keep them from getting damaged during the wash. Also, avoid mixing lingerie of different colors, and try to use a detergent that does not include harsh chemicals. Set the machine in cold temperature and avoid drying your lingerie.
  • Jeans and pants – Jeans tend to fade over time. That is why most recommend to wash pairs of jeans only when they’ve gotten dirty. It doesn’t have to be weekly as washing them frequently will cause the colors to gradually fade. On the other hand, waiting too long to wash them can cause them to smell and their fibres may become too brittle.

    Before you load your jeans and pants into the wash, make sure they have similar colors and all zippers and buttons are taken care of.

  • Whites – Only wash white clothes with other whites. Otherwise, you’re risking color bleeding. To keep your white clothes in their immaculate white condition – just like when you bought them – you can add baking soda to the detergent. You can also soak them in a solution of baking soda and water first, before rinsing them.
  • Colors – Another absolute rule is to wash clothes of similar colors together. If it’s your first time washing a new color shirt, try and wash it alone first to check and see if its color bleeds or not. If its color bleeds, remember to separate it when you wash it next time.