You Can Work in These 5 Industries in Dubai

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East, Dubai offers a wide range of vacation experience for everyone. The shopping malls, extreme adventures, and the awe-inspiring buildings are wonderful to see, after all.

However, the experience that Dubai gives to its visitors is not limited to week-long travels. As a business hub of the Middle East, this thriving city also offers a lot of jobs to expatriates and locals alike. If you’re interested to work here for a few years, here are five lucrative industries that can offer you your dream job.

Oil Industry

As an oil-producing country, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is rich, offering different benefits to its citizens and allowing professionals from various countries to work and thrive in its cities. If you’re an oil trader, project site manager, driller, or engineer, you’ll find thousands of opportunities in the Middle East. You can consult a manpower agency in Dubai or even Abu Dhabi to seek job opportunities that fit your background and work experience.


With the rapid infrastructure growth in Dubai, it’s no surprise that engineers, architects, carpenters, and other related roles have become lucrative careers in recent years. The tallest building in the world is here after all, and with the man-made islands, somebody has to maintain all those gardens, clean those windows, and in general keep everything in order.


As a modern city, Dubai also boasts modern hospitals with all the advanced technology available in the medical field today. The city needs doctors, nurses, hospital aides, dentists, and even hospital administrators, so if you are a professional or if your work experience guarantees your expertise, Dubai can be the place for your career growth. There are recruitment process outsourcing companies in the city if you need assistance in your job pursuit.


With all the money from the oil, infrastructure, and healthcare industries, somebody has to crunch those numbers and keep accurate records, right? If you’re an accountant, clerk, or banker, you can grow your career in Dubai, too. The finance field can be competitive, but this is because of the high profits and the promising rewards for the hardworking experts.

Information Technology

IT jobs are in demand anywhere, and Dubai is no exception. After all, every industry mentioned above needs someone to manage the files and keep them secure from data stealers. If you have five or more years of experience working as a web master, developer, or system administrator, perhaps an IT career in the city will work for you.

Learn more about these industries in Dubai to get the best out of your work experience, background, and career goals.