4 Ways to Maximize Space for Your Home Office

ideasWork is not restricted to the workplace. Oftentimes, it extends up to our personal lives at home. Online connectivity has also paved the way for opportunities to work in the comfort of one’s own home. And here is where having a home office comes in. If you want to have designated space where you can spend hours being productive, without taking too much of your available floor area, here are some space saving solutions and designs you can try for your home office:


Pinpoint a strategic location

Look around your house and asses where you can fit in an office without disrupting the layout or design of your home. A renowned interior design company in Dubai says it is ideal to use corner spaces, as these remain unused most of the time. Instead of putting the usual plant or lamp in the corner, you can try and build a compact office here. Other possible spaces are beneath the stairs and inside a walk-in closet. With an office built into a walk-in closet, you can use the cabinet doors as DIY bulletin boards or additional storage spaces.


Harness the walls

Office interior designers in Dubai now advise their clients to utilize their walls as much as possible. Attach wall shelves to have additional storage space for your usual office essentials, such as pens, highlighters, stapler, stationery, and more. You can also add personal items that will serve as your inspiration to work, including family pictures, motivational quotes, and art pieces. Wall shelves and hooks allow you to organize these items and make them easier to find and reach. By harnessing the walls, you can also free up more desk space. Another idea is to turn your wall into a DIY bulletin board.


Customize your desk

A desk that is specifically designed and built for your use ensures it fits exactly into the location you’ve identified. You can add all the features you want, such as a foldable table, compact drawers, fixed shelves, and more. In customizing your desk, you can contract a handyman to use upcycled materials, instead of buying and using new ones. To further save on costs, you can try doing it yourself, especially if you have the skills and background.


Opt for smart storage

Choose innovative smart storage solutions. For example, you can choose an ottoman chair that allows you to keep things inside it. Get shelves or drawers that provide the needed storage space without taking up too much space on your desk. You can also try rummaging through your home to find objects that you can turn into pen holders, hooks for your stuff, etc. Smart storage solutions allow you to keep your desk free from clutter while giving you all the space you need for your home office essentials.
TIP: Invest in good lighting. Bright spaces look bigger and tidier compared to dimly lit ones.